If you get a call from Detective John Moglia just know that everything he says is a lie. He cannot be trusted. He even files fraudulent police reports as a civilian against other civilians. Thats what he did to me.

My name is (name withheld for privacy reasons) I am an FBI informant and an informant to the supreme court of both new jersey and manhattan on complex judicial matters.

The NYPD Midtown North Precinct is the most corrupt precinct in the 5 boroughs. This is the same precinct that recently brought you officer Randazzo the convicted pedophile who was best friends with John Moglia and the other detectives who arrested me. *Side note I don't know Office Randazzo personally.

The fact is Detective John Moglia already tried and failed to have me killed by the NYPD.

What a loser! 

Detective John Moglia and I have personal beef due to his poor handling of previous matters related to myself and him, as well as my disappointment in his precincts handling of matters related to my work as an FBI informant. I sent him an email on March 10, 2013 expressing my disappointment and his response to my email was to falsely arrest me and attempted murder me on March 12, 2013. If Moglia had responded as quickly to my previous matters with him, as he did to my own criticism of his poor police skills, we might actually be solving some crimes together instead of prosecuting Moglia for his crimes.

On August 14, 2013 all charges against me were dropped. I was given an ACD without any stipulations.


and if you hear from John Moglia run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I have uncovered major fraud and corruption at Internal Affairs which is supposed to be a safety net for protecting NY citizens from corruption!

Due to the pending Criminal and Civil investigation and litigation that is ongoing I will not be going into further detail now. However I encourage anyone with information about John Moglia and corruption at the Midtown North Precicnt, one of the countries most corrupt yet inept gangs, to contact the FBI at http://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/

I have no criminal record but I do have a prior track record of uncovering corruption and crime in the political and law enforcement arena. Maybe that's why John Moglia and the Midtown North Precinct wants me dead. Question is, why did these hitmen fail in their mission?

The people of NYC should demand a police department that is capable of carrying out covert military-intelligence style hits without completely bungling them up. We demand that murders for hire by the NYPD be carried out successfully so as to avoid a continued sullying of the reputation of the NYPD and the people of NYC!

Baruch Hashem. Amen.